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Copper has lower hardness which leads to lower anti-abrasive property. Therefore, the area at the  lower part of the moulds, where the stress increases drastically due to shells, will be more severely  worn. To increase the life time of copper moulds, CCM provides uniform mould interior surface plating  with suitable hardness. Most of the copper mould tubes for small size billet casting are not used in  any casting system where there are rigid casting stream support, therefore they are very sensitive  to wearing. We use hard chrome plating which provides life of mould tubes. The llating thickness  recommended by CCM will be controllde in the best range. As for the coating of copper mould plates,  based on our years of experiece, we are able to provide Chrome coating, Ni-Cr coating, Ni-Fe coating  and Ni-Cr coating to meet the demand of various customers both at home and abrod.

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